Adeima Ibanga

Joining ODASIS has truly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Coming from a small high... Read More

Bryan Cabeza

For Bryan Cabeza, graduate of the Rutgers University class of 2021 and matriculant into Rutgers... Read More

Christian Gonzalez

As a transfer for another college, I came to Rutgers my Junior year underestimating the challenge... Read More

Daniel Ulloa

Good Evening Dr. Khan, I was able to personally thank Jon on Friday, but I never got the chance to... Read More

Dr. Aisha Barber

It’s a privilege to work with colleagues who are caring, thoughtful, resilient, and of course... Read More

Dr. Nia Carty

Dr. Nia Carty, an ODASIS and Rutgers University alum, graduated from the Keck School of Medicine... Read More

Hector Osoria

“Dad, without ODASIS, I am positive that I would not be where I am today. The academic support... Read More

Janet Alvarez

"Hello Everyone! I can confidently say I wouldn't be where I am without ODASIS providing me with... Read More

Janet El-Maraghy

“It was nice speaking with you on Monday. I also just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you... Read More

John Zadroga

Good Afternoon Dr. Khan, I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to PCOM's class of 2019 and... Read More

Kofi A. Brifu

Fortunately, during my son's first semester, he became a part of the Office of Diversity and... Read More

Larrisha Love

Dear Dr. Khan:  Thank you so much for the recommendation letter for medical school. I learned so... Read More

Laury Rosefort

I graduated from a small, all girls, private high school where my graduating class was a whopping... Read More

Manuel Osoria

I want to start off by saying thank you to the entire administration for the amazing job they have... Read More

Marisa Gilstrop

Taruna serves the role of an advisor, a mentor, a supervisor, a confidant, but most importantly a... Read More

Mekeme Utuk

Taruna Chugeria is the kind of advisor that all students, regardless of their major, should desire... Read More

Moises Pena

Dear Jon, You are without a doubt the most influential person I have met here at Rutgers. You have... Read More

Olivia Ike

Good Afternoon, My name is Olivia Ike and I am a former ODASIS student. I just wanted to take the... Read More

Parent Testimonial

Dr. Khan I am one of the parents who attended the Rutgers open house today and would like to thank you... Read More

Sahil Parikh

Dear Dr. Khan, It gives me great pleasure to tell you that I have been officially ACCEPTED for a... Read More

Stephanie Torres

In a school with thousands of students ODASIS quickly became my support system.I was provided with... Read More

Theresa Adekoya

Hello Taruna, I just wanted to email you on my shadowing today. I saw about 6 to 7 patients (I... Read More

Xyala Johnson – Jones

Spring of 2017 I was a senior in high school and I was introduced to ODASIS through a student that... Read More